July 6, 2022

Photo of the Day: Cyclocross 2014

If you had told me a year ago that I would be taking cycling photos I would say that you’re out of your mind… but here we are 😛 Cuski completed his first full Cyclocross season courtesy the VCXC and Local Ride. These cyclists are amazing athletes and they go hard pretty much the whole 30-40 minute race. They went through lots of climbs, tricky turns and descents, mud pits, and even snow at one of the races! This sport is gruelling, as you can see, and kudos to all who are crazy enough to ride it. I was able to attend most of the races and here are some of my favourite photos from the novice men’s category. Looking forward to the next season.

Riders: Photos are available for purchase. Just tweet @jeannineavelino to inquire.

Aldor Acres

I decided to take videos of this race instead… here’s what I came up with for a 30 min race.

Vanier ParkFull Gallery

IMG_7754 IMG_7811 IMG_7842 IMG_7871


Atomic Superprestige

IMG_8109 IMG_8172 IMG_8148

Pumpkin Cross Full Gallery

IMG_8856 IMG_8921 Photo of the Day: Cyclocross 2014

Aldergrove CX Full Gallery

IMG_9556 IMG_9604 IMG_9766 IMG_9744 IMG_9784

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