August 9, 2022

My Makeup Bag Essentials

I may not wear a ton of makeup but I still have my go-to products that help me look my best. After trying lots of different stuff, I’ve narrowed it down to these…

Funky makeup bag from a Clinique Bonus gift
Funky makeup bag from a Clinique Bonus gift

Moisturizer: Philosophy Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin – $52

Yes it’s pricey but I love this moisturizer. I used the regular one for a year but I found it too watery so I decided to switch to the formula for dry skin. You don’t need much but it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

BB Cream: Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20) – $47

I’ve gone through at least 2 of these tubes in the last year or so and I love it! I hate thick makeup and the feeling of layers upon layers of makeup but this is so light I barely even notice it. I apply it with my next makeup must-have below…

Applicator: Beauty Blender – $26

I’ve watched so many YouTube makeup gurus fawn over this sponge so I figure, what the hell, I’ll try it! So I bought a 2-pack to split with my sister and wow it’s so great! Nice and even application and very easy to clean. Buy the solid soap, I also use it to clean my brushes.

Powder/Foundation: Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder – $55

I guess they changed the packaging on this… mine is the square compact but either way, same product. You don’t need much, I find it really effective when used with the Tarte BB Cream. It had light/medium coverage so it doesn’t feel heavy on my face. My complexion improves quite a bit when I use both this powder and the BB Cream.

Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – $31

I got very lucky last year around the holidays… I managed to buy a Tarte blush palette (4 blushes, 1 bronzer) for $50. I’m very happy with the quality and the colours. It applies smoothly and remains vibrant for a really long time. I wouldn’t buy any other blush. The colour above is one of my favourites, called Dollface.

Mascara: Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – $29

This mascara is the best I’ve used! The brush separates my lashes really well and the formula thickens AND lengthens my lashes – I feel like I don’t even need extensions. Pretty impressive! Mascara also tends to smear easily on my face and this one actually stays on my lashes (unless I’ve been wearing them for a really long period of time). I’ve gone through many tubes of this and I won’t hesitate to buy more.

Eyeliner: Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner – $29

I’ve been on the hunt for easy to apply eyeliner for a long time now. My hand isn’t the steadiest and I’ve tried the thin brushes, eye pencils, even angled brushes… I couldn’t get used to them. When this product came out, I got pretty excited because I felt like I had a shot. With very little experience lining my eyes, I managed to do so pretty easily with this new liner. I was pretty impressed. Finally, I have an eyeliner I can wear with ease!

Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion – $14

Tried, tested, and true… by many. Myself included. Buy this now… or Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, which is also great (but more expensive).

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette – $64

I only wear eyeshadow for special occasions (because I’m lazy) and I love this palette because not only is it long lasting, but it is so versatile, it complements any skin tone, and you can easily make any look with it from light and casual to date night smokey eye. They also sell a smaller version of this and also the Naked 2 and Naked 3. Urban Decay often seems to hit it out of the park with their eyeshadows.

Lips: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (SPF 15) – $26

I don’t wear lip colour much so this is pretty much the only thing I have for lips in my makeup bag. Best lip balm ever! (Too bad the price is so high but it’s worth it.) They do sell tinted versions of this so if you want some colour and soft lips, go for it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear what your must-have products are! As I wrote this post, I realized my makeup tastes were quite high LOL but for what it’s worth… these products last a long time for me so at least I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on my face every two months 😛

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