July 5, 2022

First Impressions: Los Cuervos Taqueria + Cantina

Los Cuervos Taqueria + Cantina

Funny story… we weren’t supposed to end up here! Cuski and I made plans to meet with friends of ours (the awesome Jelger + Tanja) at another Mexican restaurant but it wasn’t what we expected. Change of plans! We decided to try this place instead, it was just down the street but we knew nothing about it. We took a chance and when we arrived, the place was packed. Lucky for us, a table of 4 was just about to free up. I was so hungry and have been craving Mexican food since the day we decided to meet up so I’m glad we were able to find this place… and we weren’t disappointed 🙂

Hibiscus Margarita at Los Cuervos

I tried a Hibiscus margarita to start. I liked it but also was not a huge fan of it. I could taste the tequila more than the hibiscus. It was pretty though!

Atun at Los Cuervos

Cuski and I had 3 kinds of tacos each. He had the Lomo Cantinero (pork shoulder), Choriqueso (chorizo and cheese), and Conchinita Pibil (Yucatecan pulled pork); meanwhile, on my plate were Alambre (bison skirt steak), Atun (seared albacore tuna and wasabi), and Camaron (battered prawns). For more details on each item, check out their menu here. We were very happy with all our tacos – they’re very delicious and flavourful and not too messy, which was nice. The tuna had a lot of wasabi, I think too much for my taste but if you like wasabi, you’ll love the Atun.

Alambre at Los Cuervos

The bison was great but I think my favourite was the Camaron. It had little deep fried balls of prawn, guacamole, tamarind sauce, and pico de gallo in a flour tortilla. It was light, crunchy, and easy to eat… not to mention tasty. It was so good that Cuski ordered one more Camaron taco for himself in addition to the 3 tacos he already had!

Camaron at Los Cuervos

I was still a bit hungry so I decided to order the Flautas too. They are crispy rolled tacos with duck, sweet potato, feta and chipotle crema. I liked it with less chipotle crema but that’s only because I’m a wuss when it comes to spicy food. It’s otherwise quite good but I like the soft tacos better.

Flautas at Los Cuervos

We ended the meal with Churros of course. It came with 7 pieces and 2 sauces: chocolate and a caramel sauce (cajeta). Crunchy, but not too sweet.

Churros at Los Cuervos

The meal was very cheap. The tacos were mostly $3.75 or $4 for each 6″ tortilla and filling. For the 2 of us, we got all the items I mentioned plus my margarita and his beer for…. $52.86 (incl. tax)! That was a lot of food! What they could improve on though was the speed of getting the food to us and their water service. It took a really long time before our first tacos arrived… which didn’t really matter as we were talking anyway, but it was hard to ignore the grumbling stomach after a while. As for the water, I love restaurants that constantly refill the water bottle or ensure that we had enough in our glasses. We had to keep asking each time but oh well. It’s a nice little find in Mount Pleasant and perhaps we’ll be back… especially since it’s cheap! Los Cuervos Taqueria + Cantina gets a 4 out of 5.

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