Cyclocross Photography

BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships 2016

I’ve been tagging along to Cuski’s cyclocross races for the past 5 years. In that time, I’ve accumulated thousands of photos of mud, suffer faces, triumphs, everything great about this niche sport. While I’m not a cyclist myself, I really enjoy these events as a spectator. Cyclocross has great potential to be huge in Vancouver. Every year, the crowds at the races keep getting bigger and bigger. It already has quite a presence in Washington state so ┬áit’s only a matter of time before we draw the same crowds here.

I decided to start up an Instagram account just for my CX photos to help spread the word and celebrate this crazy sport.

Follow @vancxphotos now and see for yourself!

Hope to see you at the next race! You can check the Lower Mainland CX Series schedule here.